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Roof lines and windows that live in harmony so you can be in harmony...in your Posocco Construction home.
In a Posocco Construction home, your home is a custom design built for you.
The setting, the home, the builder. We are Posocco Construction.
Posocco Construction builds a house, but your aesthetic makes it a home.
The setting, the home, the builder. We are Posocco Construction.
Posocco Homes - Lehigh Valley's Quality-Built Homes

What is it that makes a house become a home? It is you. From your dream designs of a perfect family home to your personal design aesthetic, Posocco Construction builds around you. With all of the cookie cutter homes and common house developments that can be found in all parts of suburbia, there is one builder that chooses quality over quantity.

A custom-built Posocco home is developed on a foundation of inspiration and imagination. Ingenious design can only be accomplished with a collaboration between client & builder.

Such a melding produces stunning houses that become far more than homes. Your dreams make a house into a home, a place for family, for memories, for living.

Posocco Construction builds your dream.

At Posocco Construction, we understand that your home is your castle. It is the largest, single investment that you will make.

A home is not merely a house; it is a place for living. You expect quality. Posocco Construction is quality —from planning your home, to building a well-crafted, finished product.

Because we are a custom builder, we offer homes to fit your needs, tastes and budget. With Posocco Construction's experience for custom design, we will provide you with the finest building materials that are available.

Our staff knows about the latest technologies that will make living in your home an easy & efficient experience.

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